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NGR 6012 Applied Chemistry & Physics of
Anesthesiology Nursing II

Physics of Anesthesia Study Questions


1.      Nagelhout and Zaglaniczny, third ed. pp. 245-246

2.      Define Ideal gas law.

3.      What is Boyle’s, Charles’s and Gay-Lussac’s Law? How are they written?  Give examples of how to apply each law.Gas law summary

4.      Be able to solve a problem statement when given variables for an ideal gas law.

5.      Define Fick’s Law of diffusion.

6.      How does surface area and distance effect diffusion?

7.      Define Henry’s Law.  Give an example.

8.      Define Graham’s Law. Give an example

9.      Define Dalton’s Law. Give an example.



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Note: The objectives and materials in the course syllabus and/or outline may be modified as needed to meet obligations of the School of Nursing, Council on Accreditation, or other Program requirements.

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