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FIU WebMail - Address Format - Address Lists

FIU WebMail     To access FIU WebMail go to:

FIU WebMail is an internet web browser based email program. It is accessible any time and any where you can connect to the internet. Unlike email programs such as Outlook or Netscape mail systems that you setup on your own computer, FIU WebMail is a program that is housed on the FIU web server and so it is available to you from any computer where you can connect to the internet. The FIU WebMail system has its own spam and virus filter system that filters out the majority of spam and virus emails that may have been sent to your FIU email account.

If you choose not to use the web based email system, you can set up your FIU email address to work from another existing email program that you currently use such as Outlook, or you can forward your FIU email to another existing email account that you have. If you choose either of these options, you should do so with caution. Unless you are an advanced computer user, you may be best to keep life simple and just use the system for all of your school and program related email communications and keep your personal email as a separate account and separate email system.

Because your email is housed on the FIU server, you are limited by the amount of email messages you can keep stored on the server. Messages in your inbox and sent folder remain until you delete them and count towards your total email quota. If you have email messages you want to keep, it is best to COPY the message and then PASTE it into a new WORD or NOTEPAD document and then SAVE it to a FOLDER you have created such as "EMAILS to KEEP" folder. Messages in your FIU webmail trash or junk-mail folders will automatically be deleted after 30 days.  However, depending upon the volume of messages, or file size of email attachments you may accumulate, it is still possible that the automatic deletion will not always be sufficient to keep you under quota. Therefore, you should delete old incoming messages, copies of sent messages, and messages in the trash on a regular basis. You must specifically delete the TRASH folder in your email account, otherwise as the "trashed" messages accumulate in this folder for 30 days and will be adding to your quota usage. Once you exceed your account quota limit, any new messages are bounced back to the sender, until you bring your account back under quota. If you have email forwarded from your FIU account to another personal account like yahoo mail, Bellsouth, etc. the messages to your FIU account continue to remain in your FIU inbox and accumulate against your quota.

Accessing Your FIU Email for the FIRST time:

To access your email, you need to know your userNAME and password. Your userNAME is your first initial+first four letters of your last name+001 (or 002, 003 etc if there are other FIU students with the same first+last combination). Your password is initially set up using your date of birth. The generic format of your email password is the two-digit birth month, two-digit birth day, and the four-digit birth year.

For example, if your birth date is 05/07/1915, then your password is 05071915.
Once you log into the FIU Webmail system, you should change your password.

To look-up your userID or email address < CLICK HERE >.

Setting up your FIU WebMail

When you fist log into the FIU Webmail, you should be prompted to change your password from the generic date of birth format to a new and unique password that you select. If you were not prompted to changed your password automatically then you should do so when you first log onto FIU WebMail by clicking on the OPTIONS tab on the left had side menu bar, then select the option to CHANGE PASSWORD at the top of the screen.

Also when you first log onto FIU WebMail, please click on the PREFERENCES tab on the left-hand side to access the preference features to include your name in your email messages, add a signature block, and other features. The ANP Program requires that all Program Email Communications be made using an FIU email address. Additionally we require the email address be in the format and that the name of the student be displayed along with the email address. The example below shows how you should set up your full name and email address in the FIU webmail system:

If you are setting up your email to work in another email program such as Outlook, please set up the display name and email address as shown above.

Your FIU email address works as either or
With either format, email will go to you. However, we require that you use the format of This format is called your alias email, meaning that is another name for your UserName. If you want to request a different name to be used for your First.Last format you may request this change through University Technology Services using the Online Email Alias Request Form.

To access FIU WebMail go to:


FIU Email Set-Up Confirmation

When you have completed your FIU Email Set-Up, please send an email message from your FIU Email Account to Dr. Groom and Ms DeLaGuardia to confirm your email set-up. We will not send a reply, the confirmation is for us to confirm you have completed the set-up with your name and email format. Also, if you change your email alias ( format) please be sure to advise us so that we may update your email address. If you have any question as to whether your email is functional, send an email to yourself and you will know immediately if your mail is functioning.


Adding Individual Addresses to the Addressbook in FIU WebMail

By creating an address book you can compose email and use the address book to remember the email address of colleagues, classmates, etc. There is no easy way to create individual addresses other than one at a time. The process can be made a bit easier for creating individual class member addresses by opening the class list of residents in one window and the webmail page in a second window. Then using copy and paste, you can jump between the two windows, copy an email address from the list and paste it to the address book. The tab for each of the two windows will appear in the task bar (usually at the bottom of your screen unless you moved it to the top or sides). Clicking on the tab or each page will switch between the two pages. As an alternative, you can resize the two windows to fit on the screen at the same time and go back and forth between the two. The steps below outline the process for adding names and email addresses to the address book of the FIU webmail system:

  1. From the sidebar of the webmail page, click Addresses, then click ADD CONTACT. A form for entering new address names appears.

  2. Now switch to the Resident list page. COPY the email address of the individual you want to add to your addressbook.

  3. Switch back to the page to ADD CONTACT in the E-mail field, PASTE the email address you just copied.

  4. In the Nickname field, type the name of the individual.....or PASTE the email address again. Nicknames and email addresses can NOT be the same....but once you have PASTEed the address, you can use the backspace key to erase the "" part of the address and then just the name is left.

  5. Click DONE to save the email address in the addressbook.

It will take several times of jumping between the Resident list and ADD CONTACT but, the cut and paste solution is faster than retyping all of the information.

Creating a Group Address List in FIU WebMail

By creating a group address list, you can create a shortcut that refers to many addresses at once.

The following is an example of an address list:

Name of list = Studygroup

When you compose a message and put the name Studygroup in the To: field of the Compose page, the e-mail message goes to all the email addresses in "Studygroup" at once.

To create an address list, log into your FIU WebMail and then proceed as listed:

  1. The individual email address of the people you want to add to a group must be listed in your address book first. Use the selection ADD CONTACTS to add individual email addresses to the webmail address book.

  2. From the sidebar of the webmail page, click Address Book, then click GROUPS and then click ADD GROUP. A form for entering group address names appears.

  3. In the Group Name field, enter a name for the address list you are creating ie…2004 Class, 2003 Class, Studygroup, etc., then click "SET"

  4. Then select the email address from the contact list box on the left. Click ADD, to mover the address to the Group box on the right. Continue adding each name to your group. When you are finished, click "DONE"

  5. If you wish to email the entire class and do not have a class group created, COPY the entire list of addresses below, and then PASTE the addresses into the TO: line of your email message. Note To highlight the list, click the LEFT mouse butto, mover the cursor over the list holding the button and then release. Next Click the right mouse button and select COPY. To PASTE your list, place the cursor in to the desired location, then click the right mouse button and select PASTE.

    2008 Class List,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

2007 Class List,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

E-mail Fraud

There are many types of fraud, and e-mail is an inexpensive and thus popular method for distributing fraudulent messages to potential victims. For your own protection, never respond to any e-mail message that asks you to send cash or to provide personal information. The FIU Office of Information Technology Security has additional information and warnings about email fraud and email schemes that may appear in your email inbox. See FIU ITS for additional information on email fraud and other security tips.


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